Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It's been almost a month since I left my homeland of Puerto Rico. It was a glorious vacation filled with excitement, new experiences and a sunburn to remember. Mi madre wasn't kidding when she told me to beware of the tropical sun.

Needless to say, I was slathering on aloe for a few weeks until the peeling subsided. I was left with a killer tan and an even better complexion. As the month of May winds down, my tan is also. Rather than expose my tender skin to a tanning bed to keep up the bronze, I am turning to myself---and self tanner.

I know what you might be thinking:

"You'll turn orange!"

"You'll smell weird!"

"Your clothes will turn all different colors!"

On the contrary, since I am obsessed with beauty products, I have tried my share of self tanners. I prefer a gradual tan, that way if you miss a spot it's less noticeable. Plus, it deepens and fades just like a real tan. The obvious choice to go with would be Jergen's Natural Glow. However, this is only my default if I can't find other brands that I prefer.

My current favorite-Nivea Sunkissed Beautiful Legs, $7.67 at walmart.com.

The "tan" smell is bearable (but not non-existant), it gives a gradual tan, fades naturally and, although its title says "legs" I apply it all over my body for the same effect a few times a week. I keep a tan in between beach weekends and I don't have to step foot into a tanning bed.

What are your favorite self-tanners?

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