Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Alien Abduction

There are many things, in life, that are sacred. A woman's alone time in the bathroom "putting her face on," is one of them. We all have customized rituals, specific products and do-hickies that we use, as well as actions that shouldn't be witnessed by the opposite sex. Most of the male population fail to understand the importance of our alone time in the bathroom. Unfortunately, for most of us gals, it takes more than a shower and a shave to get ready for the day.

This morning, I shared my morning routine with my boyfriend of 8 months. He was brushing his teeth as I applied blush to the apples of my cheeks, he turned away to wipe his face of the toothpaste using a towel hanging on the back of the door. When he turned back, he yelped.

Him: "Aaahhhh!"

Me: "What?"

Him: "What are you doing to your eye??"

Me: "I'm curling my eyelashes!"

Him: "Aaahhh!"

I laugh. An eyelash curler is a scary thing, to anyone who doesn't know how it works or what it is.

After a confusing, disturbed stare I broke the silence.

Me: "I love you."

Him: "I love you too...alien."

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Diary of a Beauty Guinea Pig: Susan Posnick's Color Me

If you listen to The Kooks, they tell you to “shine on.” I’'m all for shining, but in the right kind of way. Back in the mid to late 1990’s glitter was all the rage and I abused it. When my friends and I would go out, and by going out we went to the mall, I would have glitter all over my eyes and my chest…...possibly even my arms. Shining and sparkling were a must to pick up eligible 15 year-old boys.

Ten years later and hopefully a little wiser and less glittery, I would still like to shine when I’'m picking up eligible doctors or lawyers. That'’s when I reach for my Susan Posnick Color Me in Champagne Shimmer. Color Me does just that, colors any part of your body with a hint of color and shimmer, from your cheeks, eyes to décolleté. Color Me'’s limited edition champagne shimmer has hints of pink and gold sparkle that instantly illuminates the skin and gives it a warm, flushed look.

Color Me is pretty goof-proof, making it a breeze to apply anywhere you desire a lush blush or a little shimmer. It’s travel friendly and is stored in a petite self-dispensing pot with an attached puff and mirror for easy application. Sweep the puff onto cheeks using gentle strokes or use the edge of the puff to apply as an eye shadow.

Color Me is also anti-bacterial, water resistant and sweat proof and enriched with Vitamins A and E.

Susan Posnick’s Color Me is available at

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The Perfect Pair...of Gloves

There aren’'t many things I like about the winter season, the cold weather being one of them but a cute winter accessory like a warm pair of gloves is a reason to celebrate the frozen tundra temperatures of the North East. Recently, being the spaz that I am, I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of gloves (I lost the leather ones my mom gave me for Christmas last year in the monster that I call my closet). To find the perfect, warm pair of gloves there are some restrictions. They must keep my hands and fingers warm, they must be functional and they must be cheap (I lose gloves, sunglasses and umbrellas to no avail).

It was this mission that I set forth while roaming through Target on my lunch break one day last week. I needed a pair of warm gloves that would be functional to my needs: driving, warmth and cuteness. I stumbled across a pair of leopard print fleece fingerless gloves, complete with a mitten flap and a hook to attach the two as to not misplace. But, the best part …they were on sale, for $2.00. This got me to thinking. Maybe there are others out there, like me, who is searching for the perfect pair of gloves. After a bit of online shopping, Kiwibox and I were able to come up with a few options to keep your appendages warm for the remainder of the winter season.

Accessory Network Heart Print Convertible Gloves
Absolutely adorable, warm and functional and they come in a variety of colors, I’'m sold!

$8.00 at Nordstrom

Cherie Flower Glove
Accenting a long pair of gloves with a knit flower is chic which makes this pairing of gloves a must-have winter accessory.

$7.50 at DELiA*s

Sylvie Fingerless Gloves
Since Kiwiboxers are from all over the world, a stylish pair of crochet-knit gloves in bright colors can do the trick if you don’t live in too cold of a climate.

$4.80 at Forever 21.

Women's Driving Glove
Very stylish and very practical, and not too expensive.

$19.99 at Wilson’s Leather

Fossil "Polly" Colorblock Convertible Gloves
These gloves are two-fold…literally. Worn in two different ways, this super trendy design can be utilized as a solid long length glove, or fold up the cuff, slip the thumb through and you have a color block style that fits just below your wrist.

$16.00 at Dillards

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Review: Total Energy Pulse Point Balm

There was a time in my life, long ago, when I would jump around my basement doing windmills, singing at the top of my lungs. …When I look back at these home videos (a.k.a blackmail for my parents) I wonder where I obtained so much energy. Albeit I'’m only 25, but it takes great pains to actually get up to go into the basement for anything now, let alone attempt a windmill.

This is where the Body Shop’s Total Energy Pulse Point Balm comes in and saves the day. Not only does it smell great, but it works almost instantly for a pick-me-up-- jumping around a basement doing windmills is optional.

Apply this pocket-sized balm to your pulse points when you need to be energized. I tried it on days when I avoided caffeine and I was immediately awoken by the scent.

The Community Trade organic bergamot essential oil has a fresh, green, citrus scent that uplifts the senses. The Guarana extract and ginger oil are known for their energizing properties and Happy belle, derived from the Monks Pepper plant, mimics the effect of endorphins and induces a sense of happiness.

Although I may never be able to obtain the amount of energy I had as a child, I will definitely continue to use Total Energy Pulse Point Balm whenever I need a pick-me-up.

Review: Robert Ramos,Volumizer

If there is one thing you will learn about me through this column is I’m a sucker for a great product. When I received Robert Ramos’ Volumizer in the mail I scoffed to myself thinking that, even if used properly, my hair would look like a grease ball and would only have lift at the roots making me look like a rounded cone-head.

I decided to try Ramos’ Volumizer on damp hair so I may scrunch to make it wavy with volume. This I felt would be a true test. And it passed. With flying colors.

A little of this stuff goes a long way, a few sprays at the root holding the bottle 6 inches away from the root and you’ve got volume! I got the volume I needed, without the sticky or greasy feeling. It enhanced my wave when I applied it to my damp hair and after a bit of scrunching, I was pleasantly surprised.

Robert Ramos Volumizer contains Hydrolyzed Algae, Keratin Amino Acids and Rice Protein to create the body you want when you scrunch or blow dry. As a stylist, Ramos’ created a great product that would help our hair rather than assault it, while also doing good for the environment. All of his packaging is reusable and recyclable.

He even has celebrity clients like Jessica Alba.

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Review: LaLicious Sugar Souffle Body Scrub

Lily Mango Sugar Soufflé body scrub sounds as delicious as it smells. LaLicious should be called delicious (Editor’s Note: I would not recommend eating the product, although it does smell good enough to do so, considering I was blessed with Island Guava and Lily Mango).

I'’ve always been a fan of scrubs (body, not the TV show). I love the way they make your skin feel afterwards, it’s like washing away a week’s worth of skin and debris. I find myself scrubbing, alternating between Lily Mango and Island Guava, as often as possible. After runs at the gym seem to be my most favorite time to use the scrub, the scent fills my shower letting my mind escape to a tropical island for a few seconds.

The great thing about Sugar Soufflé Body Scrubs is that they’re gentle and featured with LaLicious’ signature hand-whipped technique which is so rich with moisture that they can also be used as a shaving cream. A 2-in-1? I’m sold! There is also no need to apply lotion after using the Sugar Soufflé scrub as the soufflé acts as a moisturizer all day long. Helping you look, feel and smell radiant.

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