Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Dealio

I started FBDC a long while ago-hoping to turn this blog into my main money making adventure. I always had/have all of these ideas for great posts. Since I am a constant shopper, always looking for the latest and greatest beauty product and dealing out dating and career advice, it seemed like the perfect venture.

I finally have my two feet planted firmly on the ground. The ambition at my finger tips and ideas a plenty.

My current job, is great. I love it. It took me some time to get to this "place." To become content. I finally feel like I belong and I am encouraged to do my best. No one is holding me back. I'm running with the horses! Not literally, figuratively. I swear. There is one downfall, however. My pay. Over the next few years, and even the next few days and months, I will have to become crafty, resourceful and for lack of a better word...cheap.

This blog will be my way of voicing my frustrations of wanting the nice things, but not always buying them. And also my thrifty suggestions for a designer shirt found in Marshalls, or my picks in the Walmart beauty aisle...plus low cost date nights and how to make a career wardrobe work on a tight budget.

I am very excited for this venture.

And I am glad you are along for the ride.



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