Sunday, May 16, 2010

Review: Mary Kay Acne Kit for Oily Skin

By: Guest Blogger-Lee

I know I’m not the only one who has tried almost every acne cleanser kit under the sun.
I also know that I’m probably nowhere near done testing, but here’s one that I’ve come across that actually makes a difference. I have very oily skin and it’s a bit hard to keep the zits away as moisturizing is one of the key helpers. Moisturize my oily skin?! Sounds like a death-wish!

Deep Cleanser Formula 3 (6.5fl.oz. $12)

Blemish Control Toner Formula 3 (6.5fl.oz. $13)

Oil Control Lotion Forumla 3 (4fl.oz. $18)

Clarifying Mask 3 (4oz. net weight $14)

Directions: Much like any other kit you buy, you wash your face twice daily with the cleanser, followed by the toner and the lotion. I, personally, only use the mask once weekly, which also exfoliates.

Grade: A

This product isn’t exactly the cheapest -- especially with Proactiv selling it’s soul to gain back it’s not-so-faithful following -- but as a lady with oily skin, it’s been well worth it. Each product is sold separately, you don’t have to purchase everything, and if you run out, you obviously only have to buy what you need more of! I’ve only had to replenish two of the four products once and I’ve been using it regularly since November (and yes, I use it as directed, twice daily!). Oily skin? Give ‘er a try!

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