Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Review: LaLicious Sugar Souffle Body Scrub

Lily Mango Sugar Soufflé body scrub sounds as delicious as it smells. LaLicious should be called delicious (Editor’s Note: I would not recommend eating the product, although it does smell good enough to do so, considering I was blessed with Island Guava and Lily Mango).

I'’ve always been a fan of scrubs (body, not the TV show). I love the way they make your skin feel afterwards, it’s like washing away a week’s worth of skin and debris. I find myself scrubbing, alternating between Lily Mango and Island Guava, as often as possible. After runs at the gym seem to be my most favorite time to use the scrub, the scent fills my shower letting my mind escape to a tropical island for a few seconds.

The great thing about Sugar Soufflé Body Scrubs is that they’re gentle and featured with LaLicious’ signature hand-whipped technique which is so rich with moisture that they can also be used as a shaving cream. A 2-in-1? I’m sold! There is also no need to apply lotion after using the Sugar Soufflé scrub as the soufflé acts as a moisturizer all day long. Helping you look, feel and smell radiant.

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